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Social Media Strategy

Using my previous experience in branding, running events & general interest in how to make social media work better for brands I took on the social media & strategy for the Airbound Festival in London.

Design & marketing are still treated as separate entities, sometimes even in opposition as marketing companies try to simply get their hands on design assets & no longer involve the designer, which is a wholly negative process. In this case I worked closely with Alan Kennington to create a series of modular & easily updatable assets.


What I'd noticed early on is that many people still create one image, thinking of that as their artwork, using that throughout the entire campaign not taking into account how quickly people get bored of visuals & tune them out over time.

We took a modular approach to creating artwork. Instead of requesting graphics one at a time we created content such as 'Travel Updates' & 'Where To Stay' which we could use multiple times, just updating the live copy in each post. This proved both time & cost efficient.


"People still create one image, thinking of that as their artwork & use it throughout the entire campaign"


This was previously only a small event but this year it'd had stepped up to a much bigger boat & after-party venue with potential for huge financial loss if it didn't work. So we had to be quite responsible as to how we managed this event. 

We also looked at how to integrate some of the smaller sides events – such as the launch party into the social media campaign. For this Alan created a series of giant size passports.
We could then photograph everyone at the event & allow their friends to tag them & other friends they wanted to attend the event which just furthered peoples exposure to the event across social media.


It was once again interesting to use a design approach to tackle a different role. I think it also is an indication of how to deal with social media in future. Having seperate design & marketing teams can often lead to conflict in approach whereas clarity defining the parameters of the job from the outset made this a very successful project & this was by far the best attended of all the various incarnations of the festival.