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Shock World Service


Shock World Service

Shock World Service was a self initiated project I created to put on small events where I booked my favourite DJs, spoken word artists or really anything i was interested in at the time, including a more expansive event called UltraShock, which was a collaboration with arts collectives such as Synth Eastwood & Candy. 
The goal for all was not to make money, just put on event I myself would like to go to. 


"The ubiquity & relative ease of the format was also cheapening the content"


The Shock World Service Podcast came about long before Podcasts were as ubiquitous as they are today. I remember hearing about RSS based music feeds on a radio programme around 2006. I became fascinated by them as a potential format for consuming content. 
Also around the time the .mp3 was becoming the main format for the delivery of music, & I was also seeing people making mixes & posting without any tracklisting, artwork or really anyt care & attention to detail. I felt that the ubiquity & relative ease of the format was also cheapening the content. 


"I became fascinated by Podcasts as a potential format for consuming content"


The events I ran at the time were a fairly diverse group of acts. I hosted an event featuring 'punk poet' John Cooper Clarke. versatile German experimental electronic music duo Mouse On Mars, Manchester post-punk originators A Certain Ratio & comedian Matt Berry
alongside parties in strange places such as aboard the MS Stubnitz;  a nomadic floating music venue. A disused clothing factory as well as more traditional venues.