Jon Averill Studio


Nickelodeon UK
Art Direction & Graphic Design

I've had a long working relationship with Nickelodeon, being involved in various projects over the last 5 years. My main role was to create materials for promoting new shows coming to the channel. The job required a deep understanding of overall Nickelodeon brand. As well as the various sub brands including Nick Jr. & Nick Toons. 

We would create packages in both digital & print formats aimed at influencers; journalists & social media content creators. For example to promote a new series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I created old style New York pizza boxes which would be delivered alongside various gifts to encourage people to right about about the show. 
I would design calendars, bags, colouring books & T-shirts all to be sent out as gifts. As well as internal items such as cups & giant murals for the walls. We also have to create venue branding for their award shows & show screenings. 

The digital content included magazines designed in the style of kids books advertising all the new shows & returning shows. Various graphics for the website as well as all their social media platforms. 


"This required a deep understanding of the Nickelodeon brand + 2 sub-brands;
Nick Jr. & Nick Toons"


The job overall requires a strong understanding of the brand & how to adapt US assets to work for a UK & Irish audience. To create a huge number of items that were within brand guidelines but still had the playfulness & sense of fun required for Nickelodeon.