jon averill


Project: Nickelodeon
Role: Art Direction & Graphic Design

I've worked with Nickelodeon on a freelance basis for 5 years. My main role was a graphic designer creating materials to promote new shows coming to the channel.
The job required a deep understanding of how to use the Nickelodeon brand. As well as the various sub brands including Nick Jr. & Nick Toons. Alongside the overall brands there were hundreds of shows all with their own style so there a lot of choices to be made about how to integrate each property. 

A lot of what I would do would be to create various gifts based around the Nickelodeon brand which we'd send out to influencers; journalists & social media content creators. This would encourage them to post about the new shows. 
For each new season we'd also create digital magazines & apps to send out featuring press images, logos & biogs for all the upcoming shows.


"This required a deep understanding of the Nickelodeon brand + 2 sub-brands;
Nick Jr. & Nick Toons"


The job requires a strong understanding of the brand & how to adapt US assets to work for a UK audience. To create a huge number of items that were within brand guidelines but still had the playfulness & fun required for Nickelodeon. 
We had to come up with ideas for items people would enjoy using. Diaries, colouring books, clothing. Even producing a New York stye Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza box to promote a new season, complete with bad printing. 



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As with all clients the work became more focused on digital so it involved creating a lot of banners that represented the shows but also fell within channel guidelines.