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Social Media Strategy

This was my first time running a social media campaign but having a good understanding of the brand & audience it made sense for me to handle it. Using my previous experience in graphic designer, running events & general interest in how best to use social media for brands I took on the social media & strategy for the Airbound Festival in London.


What I'd noticed early on – & even now this still seems to be the case, is many people still create one image, thinking of that as their artwork & using that throughout the entire campaign not taking in how quickly people get bored of visuals & tune them out over time. Especially in a medium where you're bombarded with imagery every day. 
When designing for campaigns that are running over a long time I tend to us a more modular colour system rather than stick to a basic palette. 

I also took a modular approach to creating artwork. Instead of requesting graphics one at a time we laid a plan to use graphics that could have reusable assets such as 'Travel Updates' & 'Where To Stay', where we can add the relevant content in the copy.
I worked very closely with designer Alan Kennington who created a series of artworks I needed for the 10 week promotion period. Whereas even when this campaign was taking place it was increasingly clear that as well as planning a schedule you need to evolve & adapt visually across a campaign. 

You also need to take into account time & costs. With this in mind I asked Alan to create a series of reusable graphics. 'Travel Updates', 'Where To Stay' etc, so we could regularly re-use the graphics & just update live text in Facebook. 


"People still create one image, thinking of that as their artwork & use it throughout the entire campaign"


This was only a small event but this year it'd had stepped up to a much bigger boat & after-party venue with potential for huge financial loss if it didn't work. So we had to be quite responsible as to how we managed this event. 
I created a loose plan for the event & various situations. 

We also looked at how to integrate some of the smaller sides events – such as the launch party into the social media campaign. For this Alan created a series of giant size passports.
We could then photograph everyone at the event & allow their friends to tag them & other friends they wanted to attend the event which just furthered peoples exposure to the event across social media.


It was once again interesting to use design thinking & experience to tackle a different role. & it gave me increased clarity defining the parameters of the job from the outset rather than creating assets when the job was already underway. 

I'm still surprised, even a few years after this project how many brand misunderstand design for social media. How the majority of people view & consume content on social media. People still want to 'post the poster' or press advert, not understanding the difference in colours (CMYK Vs RGB) & how type designed for posters & press will not be legible when viewed on five inch mobile screens.